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The education system in India is vast and varied. Indian schools offer domestic and international curriculum to students. The more common curriculums in India are the State Boards, ICSE & CBSE followed by the International Curriculum like IB and IGCSE. Each curriculum is unique in their objectives , expected outcomes and standards for measuring the progress of a child towards a desired outcome. This can put a lot of pressure and stress on parents to select the right curriculum for their child.

We at BetterYourGrades.com strive to eliminate this confusion when it comes to selection of tutors for a child. Our tutors are well versed and have been guided to follow the curriculum specific tutoring methods.

State Boards

There are about 30 State Boards in India. While each have similar curriculum, the syllabus varies little .Generally perceived to have greater emphasis on the state, the state boards have come a long way and have vastly improved in their curriculum. They are generally perceived to have a more moderately loaded curriculum than the other curriculums. This gives flexibility to students to pursue other interests. Our tutors are trained to streamline the scope of teaching to meet the exact requirements of the State Boards, thus helping the students focus on the core requirements and deliver the best results.



A popular choice of curriculum for parents, with the maximum number of schools affiliated to it. It is the same board that conducts major entrance exams that are broadly based on the CBSE syllabus. Comparatively greater focus on the maths and science subjects, CBSE has evolved to adopt a CCE – Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation to assess students through a grading system . In keeping with this approach our tutors are well trained and guided by us to adopt a more in-depth approach to each subject and topic.



Aims to provide a more rounded approach to education through focus on an all rounded approach to tutoring with strong emphasis on developing practical knowledge of the subjects learnt. ICSE is also recognised by some international institutions as well. Due to the more rigorous and practical approach of this curriculum, the tutors would provide a more intense tutoring along with practicals loaded approach to understanding and solving topics.


International Curriculum

IGCSE & IB are the two most popular international curriculum in the country today. Both are recognised by many more institutions abroad than any of the Indian curriculums. Hence most of our students studying in these curriculums are either from overseas or have to plans to study in universities overseas. Both the curriculums give importance to developing problem solving skills of the students , based on application and experimentation. Like for other syllabus, our tutors are aware of the requirements and suitably modify their approach to students studying in these curriculums.